OOo4Kids 0.6

OpenOffice for younger users


  • Same quality as original OpenOffice
  • Includes four apps
  • Nice main menu design
  • Completely free!


  • Interfaces could have been more intuitive

Very good
Kids start using computers earlier and earlier these days, and it's a good idea for them to get used to office apps as soon as possible.

With OOo4Kids you can make your kids start becoming familiar with word processors, spreadsheets and the likes. This stripped-down version of the popular open source OpenOffice suite is specially addressed at children between 7 and 12, and provides them with a handy set of tools for homework.

OOo4Kids includes four different programs: a word processor, a vector drawing program, a presentation editor and a spreadsheet, with which your kids can produce school papers and at the same time, learn more about using computers and software.

While you can tell the developers have made an effort to make this suite as kid-friendly as possible (colorful main menu, support for smileys and other small graphics), the truth is that the interface is not as intuitive as I expected it to be. You'll probably need to guide your kid's first steps with OOo4Kids!

OOo4Kids is an attractive version of the famous OpenOffice suite that has been especially designed for children.



OOo4Kids 0.6

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